Feel like you’re trapped in your practice?

It’s more profitable to keep your money than knocking yourself out trying to make more.  But how?

Read on …

 You’re a doctor. And your typical day probably looks like this…

  • You work around the clock just to try and maintain your income at the same level it was 5 years ago (and you’re not keeping up.)
  • Managed care dictates how much you can charge for each procedure (and it’s a lot less than it was 5 years ago).
  • Your tax liability continues to go up (and your accountant says there’s nothing to be done).
  • In between patients you dream of selling your practice (and that bubble pops when you realize its value has changed – but in the wrong direction).

What’s the solution?

If you haven’t found the time to seriously look ahead lately – in between the 50 to 60 patients you see every day – isn’t it time to step back to see what planning your retirement really looks like?

You’ll do more than look ahead when you attend the It’s Your Money Conference in Panama this September.

In 2 short days, we’ll show you how to pocket an extra $1 million to $2 million over the next five years – and a minimum of $100,000 or more this year alone — without making material changes to your practice.

In 2 short days, we’ll show you how to take back control from the tax man by turning your tax liabilities into retirement assets.

In 2 short days, you’ll have domestic financial strategies, customized to your individual situation. Interested in overseas diversification? You’ll have international strategies as well.

After 2 short days, you’ll walk away with a retirement strategy and concrete plans custom-tailored just for you. And you’ll be able to implement those plans right away.

Making money is only the first step. The hand-chosen experts at the It’s Your Money Conference will explain strategies that will allow you to keep up to 50% more of your income .

This is a small and intimate conference, designed to give you the opportunity to work privately and one-on-one with the international experts asking questions as they present. Everyone will leave with every question answered knowing how each attendee will financially benefit. It’s a private invitation-only event for Doctors.